Urbania is an international real estate development firm

Our objective is not only creating profit for the company and our investors but also to provide our clients with long-term satisfaction and a quality living environment.

Urbania International

Urbania is presently actively engaged in new residential projects in Spain as well as large-scale real estate development in North-eastern Brazil. With over 30 years of experience, the partners of Urbania are uniquely positioned to create value in upcoming or presently recovering residential markets.

Urbania Spain

The partners of Urbania have built their reputation with quality developments along the Costa del Sol in Southern Spain with over 2000 residential units completed before the financial crisis. Urbania has re-entered the market with the start of large-scale projects in Marbella and has furthermore opened offices in Madrid to take advantage of opportunities there.

Urbania Brazil

Since 2010, Urbania has built up a large organization in North-eastern Brazil and from it’s office in Fortaleza is presently involved in large-scale land developments involving housing development for over 6000 units as well as universities, commercial and industrial development.


The key ingredient to our success
is a direct hands-on approach where all the partners participate actively and directly in the field.

Urbania Foundation

One of the strengths of Urbania is the total and effective implication of the company and the team members
in the communities they work in.

Corporate Brochure

You can directly download Urbania’s
Corporate Brochure.

Urbania Life

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