One of our most exciting projects on the Costa del Sol sets sail: Higueron West by Urbania!

Monday, November 13th, 2017

In a special enclave in the town of Fuengirola, next to the Reserva del Higuerón complex and the Hilton hotel, you can find Higuerón West, complete with fantastic sports facilities. With a modern image and spectacular design, it continues on the trajectory of quality set by Urbania’s other great success: Icon Marbella.

A project like this needed graphic material of equal calibre which was original, creative and top-quality, reflecting the effort and passion put in by the whole team when turning a great idea into a reality.

Higueron West is built upon three pillars: Live, Work, Play. Three ideas that encompass the most important aspects in our lives and define the Higueron project.

Live represents family and social life, and all the people and things that we hold dear.

Work is our professional life, which makes up a large part of our time and allows us to reach our potential.

Play signifies leisure and sport, something that we all need in order to disconnect, taking some time out for ourselves.

Higueron West is a collection of these three concepts, an exceptional project where you can experience them all and not miss out on anything.