Urbania International collaborates with the Mia o que hago Foundation

Monday, November 20th, 2017

Mia o que hago is a private foundation that helps families which have members with child development problems.

These families often find it difficult to address the situation and where information is scarce, Mia o que hago strives to make available to them all the amenities possible so that they will not feel alone in the difficult task ahead of them, on the basis of three important points:

Sharing information on experts, centres and therapies. Guiding families in their relationships with public or private entities. Providing economic aid to cover the children’s treatment costs.

From the later came the idea of the 20,000-Metre Challenge, a solidarity initiative where a group of swimming enthusiasts are challenged to none other than swimming across the Strait of Gibraltar.

We at Urbania International want to do our bit to help, sponsoring this fantastic solidarity initiative.